Unravel the Mysteries of South America

December 9, 2016

From an ancient mountain sanctuary to a thunderous waterfall excursion, natural and cultural wonders abound in South America.

Catch your connection to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, urban hotspots, and history more than 5,000 years in the making. Rainforests, mountains, and captivating cities like “the Paris of South America,’ Buenos Aires, South America is the next destination on your flight plan!

Rising almost 8,000 feet above a tropical rainforest, “Old Mountain,” better known as Machu Picchu, is revered as one of the greatest artistic and architectural creations of the Inca Empire in Peru. More than 200 structures remain of this ancient city, built upon a steep ridge of the Eastern Andes and shrouded by an ethereal cloud forest that lends intrigue to many of the site’s unsolved mysteries. Explore the Temple of the Sun or brave the more than 3,000 stone steps of the city, which may have served as a royal estate, a sacred site, or even a trading hub. Machu Picchu reveals few hard answers but welcomes millions of visitors annually to Peru’s southeast region.