Pro Tips: Premium Economy

December 9, 2016

With airlines cutting every corner to keep down the cost of economy tickets, and at the same time boosting business class to woo cashed-up travelers, there’s a growing gap between the back of the bus and the pointy end of the plane. That’s become an opportunity for an increasingly popular ‘in-between’ category of premium economy which offers a significant upgrade from the economy experience without the high price of a business class fare.

Premium economy bridges the gap between the standard economy class and business class cabins by offering some of the comforts of a premium seat for a reasonable price. Different airlines call their premium economy offerings by varying names, but they all boil down to the same concept - a more luxurious journey for a less than luxurious cost. The seats and service can best be compared to the business class experience from just a few decades ago – and some airlines continue to narrow the gap.

With highlights including a separate cabin from coach, extra legroom, wider and more comfortable seats, leg or foot rests, better meals plus sweeteners such as priority check-in and additional luggage, premium economy’s increasing appeal to travelers is easy to understand.