Status Credits Explained

There is an important distinction between air miles or points, and tier or status points. Most frequent flyer programs use this structure, with both miles and status points of important value. Air miles or points (earned by flying or buying services from associated partners) make up the 'currency' you need to redeem tickets.

Earning Status Credits

Think of status credits like 'zone' credits. Status credits are collected when you actually fly, and allow you to progress to higher membership levels within your program. Every time you fly on eligible flights, you will be allocated status credits to your account. Status credits do expire, usually every 12 months, and are calculated by each one-way journey. 

Status credits earned are determined by your type of fare (economy, business, etc), your distance traveled, the airline you have booked with and your current frequent flyer membership status. 

Using Your Status Credits

As soon as you have earned the required status credits, you will automatically move up to the next membership level in your frequent flyer program.  The higher your level, the more benefits you get, with typical perks including extra baggage allowance, dedicated check-in, the use of airport lounges, priority waiting lists, priority for upgrades and so on.

Each airline provides a guide to how status credits are accumulated – usually with a table of fare types and destinations to demonstrate how the number of status credits is calculated. 

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