Board the Plane To a Land Down Under

December 9, 2016

Now boarding: the world.

Your favorite destinations, your bucket-list destinations, your honeymoon destinations – all just a click away with some of the best fares of the year to Asia, South America, and exotic destinations. Your dream destination can become your reality. Choose your next global journey now!

How about Australia?

The land Down Under is packed with magnificent natural beauty, ancient aboriginal culture, lively cosmopolitan cities, stunning beaches, and some of the friendliest English-speaking people you’ll ever meet! Getting there from the U.S. means traversing the largest ocean on Earth, so you definitely want the right snacks, the right entertainment, the right seat, and the right airline. And, considering you may need a second flight to see everything you want on the continent, you want the best deals. Find incredible savings to the Outback and find out why Australia is a prime destination for international travelers.

Pro Tip: Being flexible with your travel dates can really help save money and make an itinerary more convenient. I suggest getting an idea of when you can travel first and, if possible, be flexible as prices fluctuate and flights change daily. Traveling Monday-Wednesday tends to give you the best rates as a rule of thumb, but don’t count out Sundays, which see the most price fluctuation. When traveling to Europe, and especially London, spending a Saturday night in London can drastically lower the price.

Keep airline deadlines in mind. Most airlines have 7, 14, 21, 30-day-in-advance purchase dates, meaning if you book it before the cutoff, you get the best deal.